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It’s the FfF travel edition In the past ten days, I’ve been in Copenhagen, Bastad (Sweden), back to Copenhagen, Montreal, and I’m currently waiting to board a flight from Minneapolis back to Seattle.

  • I’m re-reading High Output Management by Andy Grove. So far, it’s as good as I remember.
  • I sort of read a lot – so much that sometimes I forget where I read something. I’ve had a good time cross-referencing my book recollections using google Talk to Books. It’s worth bookmarking
  • We’re all busy, and we all seem to want more time. This article on time strategies is a good place to remind all of us how to put time back onto our calendar
  • A recent FfF included a video on learning Kubernetes. Now that you have the basics, here’s a list of Kubernetes failure stories
  • Last but not least, Lisa Crispin is back (in my FfF posts) with an article on ML in Testing

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